Pain D'Emile

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ZU(zoo) bakery is located in a barn on Talbot Farm in South Freeport, Maine. I use traditional French bread baking methods and bake in a large wood-fired brick oven. I begin with certified organic ingredients including whole grains that are milled just prior to mixing the dough. This fresh milling allows the flavor of the grains to stand out and optimizes the nutritional value by preserving the germ oil and bran in their freshest state. The salt used is an unprocessed sea salt containing vital trace minerals and has a sweetness unlike other salts. Leavening is achieved through the use of a levain (natural starter), which lends the bread a complex flavor and long shelf life. The water is un-chlorinated and from a local spring. The dough is developed over a span of 48 hours in which a slow fermentation is encouraged. Variations in shape are the result of hand shaping. The hotter  wood-fired oven produces a substantial, almost leathery crust with a dark, caramelized flavor and moist crumb. I hope you enjoy eating them as much as I enjoy making them.



  • MICHE – A traditional French country boule made from whole wheat
  • RUSTICA – A white flour loaf with very open crumb and thin crust
  • COURONNE – A crown shaped sifted-wheat loaf 
  • INTEGRALE – A bread made with wheat, rye, corn, flax and sesame seeds
  • COMPLET – A 100% Whole wheat loaf
  • VALIJA’S RYE – A traditional, dense Lithuanian peasant’s bread made from finely milled rye
  • PAIN D’EMILE – A loaf made with whole wheat and coarsely milled rye


IN THE WINTER:  Saturday mornings (9am -12:30pm) at Fort Andross Mill Building in Brunswick as part of the  Brunswick Winter Market.

IN THE SUMMER: Saturday mornings  (8:30am – 12:30pm) at the Crystal Spring Farmers’ Market in Brunswick.

PHONE: (207) 409-0117